What makes the Mental Health Foundation different?

We are the official fundraiser for mental health care in Alberta and the only foundation in Alberta with the express purpose of raising funds to improve mental health care.

  • The Foundation builds better mental health through monetary support (we are not service providers); we invest donations from people like you into programs that positively impact how mental health care is delivered and accessed.
  • While CASA has a specific mandate to offer clinical services to children and youth, and CMHA offers community-based resources for mental health, the Foundation provides support through fundraising for programs and services across the entire framework of care, from mental health programs in the community, to treatment of acute mental illness at various hospital sites.

We are in a unique position to survey the mental health landscape in Alberta and provide the spark that helps much-needed initiatives grow.

In other words, your donation will have a real impact on local mental health.

  • When promising new initiatives within Addiction and Mental Health services need support to get off the ground, we provide funds
  • For example, because of our relationship with Alberta Health Services, we were approached early on to become a partner for a new program, ACCESS Open Minds, which helps youth navigate the mental health system.
  • Our broad mandate made us a natural partner for a community-driven initiative, All in for Youth, that provides children mental services in school, so they don’t have to wait or access help in a clinical setting, which may be a deterrent for children whose parents fear being apprehended.

Our aim is to ignite change in mental health.

  • We know that the individuals in our community will live happier, healthier lives if they have the appropriate support for their mental health, and it is this visionary spirit that ignites change at a high-level.
  • Our advocacy and monetary support for rTMS—thanks to participation from the community—for example, will drastically change outcomes and service models for individuals being treated for severe depression.
  • The adoption of an rTMS program in Edmonton will provide the model for province-wide implementation.
  • Health foundations from other areas of the province have even expressed interest in using our approach to replicate success elsewhere.