Our Story

We have a better future in mind.

The Mental Health Foundation builds resilient individuals and communities so that, together, we can build a better future.

The Foundation was originally founded in 1988 as the Alberta Hospital Edmonton Foundation— serving some of Alberta’s most vulnerable patients out of its largest psychiatric hospital.

The Foundation was created based on the belief that, with monetary support and advocacy, these individuals’ lives could improve. A group of committed citizens— through their understanding of mental illness— looked forward and saw something that those suffering had difficulty imagining.

Hope. The possibility of feeling better.

They saw the potential of their patients to live happier, healthier lives if they had access to the appropriate resources to address their illness.

With this in mind the board of trustees issued a promise: to provide hope and encouragement through outstanding research and education, to be forward thinking, to be dedicated to the “ever-challenging task of the care and treatment of mental illness.”

It is this original visionary spirit that has propelled the Foundation forward and guides us today as we continuously endeavor to fulfil our promise to the community to build better mental health for people in Alberta.

In this task, our community has always been vital to our success. Then, like now, the Foundation was assisted in its task of fundraising by a dedicated group of donors and sponsors who share our vision.

Today, the Mental Health Foundation no longer operates out of Alberta Hospital, but we do still support front line service providers as only the foundation taking a systems approach towards transforming the delivery of mental health care. The best of both worlds, we operate within the community and see where aid is needed, while also supporting the healthcare system, which allows us to be in the right rooms to make change happen.

Like you, we have family, colleagues, and friends who battle with mental illness. They are our sisters and brothers, our partners, people who make sure our cities and communities continue to thrive.

We are inspired by their perseverance, and moved to action by their struggles. And though, like our predecessors, we still see a system not fully equipped to serve them effectively, we are confident that the work we do will ignite change.

“Mental health is central to all health, and like the common cold or a broken bone, it is treatable.”

From an organization composed entirely of volunteer community citizens, to the small team of staff dedicated to raising funds today, the Foundation works with an eye ever forward to a future when the people we love always feel they have somewhere to turn for support and everyone has equitable access to both physical and mental health care. A better future in mind.