The Mental Health Foundation is dedicated to building better mental health and mental health care for people in Alberta. We do this through raising, managing and distributing funds to support ground-breaking education and programs, cutting-edge research, next generation technologies, and facility enhancements within the addiction and mental health care system.

Support Peer Support at Access 24/7

The door to mental health services is now open, but the need for donor support doesn’t stop here.

Access 24/7 needs additional funding for family and peer support workers. Peer support workers make sure someone is always available who understands what a patient or family member is going through, someone who’s been there, too.

They walk beside a patient as a guide, advocate, and support system, enhancing their experience and increasing the chance of recovery.

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Facing Mental Health Together

For someone who is struggling with mental illness or addiction, knowing there’s someone like Lauralee in their corner can help them feel like they’re not alone. … Read more

Why support mental health?

Mental illness affects one in five Albertans during their lifetime. Mental illness and addiction take a significant toll on the health of Albertans, and on the cost of providing healthcare. They also have a significant direct and indirect societal impact.

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Who do we help support?