Day Hospital Program

Key Initiatives

Alberta Hospital Edmonton (AHE) brings a community philosophy to an inpatient environment.

The first of its kind in the Edmonton Zone, the Day Hospital program provides a cost-effective alternative to being admitted into a hospital, where patients often must stay longer and often report feeling frustrated and isolated from their communities. A hospital stay can make reintegration into the community and home life difficult. The Day Hospital has an interdisciplinary team with skills to support any needs a patient may have during the day so they can return home to family, friends, and community at night.

The program is complementary to services already offered, supporting patients in individual and group settings seven days a week. The Day Hospital also provides timely access to supports for patients from emergency departments who would otherwise be admitted if this program didn’t exist. This helps prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, and improves the overall flow of the system.

Clients maintain independent living, with access to psychiatric care in a therapeutic environment on an outpatient basis.