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Kickstand offers free integrated mental health services for young people ages 12-25 in Alberta.

The Mental Health Foundation is proud to partner with Kickstand, ensuring mental health and addictions services for youth are easy to access across the province.

While evidence-based mental health treatments are available, young Albertans are among the most underserved populations in terms of mental health and addiction challenges.

The problem is existing services are not integrated. It’s hard for young people and their families/caregivers to know where to seek help.

That’s where Kickstand comes in.

Young people and their families can access free online services from anywhere. Kickstand Connect is a virtual clinic that offers 1:1 mental health and substance use counselling, peer support sessions, groups and workshops, and employment support. It’s a one-stop-shop for mental health resources.

Workshops and groups provide support in suicide bereavement, navigating social media & eating disorders, developing skills for managing anxiety and depression, creating connections through cooking, and talking about healthy relationships. also features a robust resource library with articles on mental health topics, body image and eating, substance use, life skills and financial literacy, and general health and wellness.

Kickstand is committed to being a safe space for trans and gender diverse youth to access health and wellness services. Kickstand’s brand, website, and service offerings are created in consultation with Alberta youth.


No one is really alone, we are all going through this together, and there are places for your health and well-being.

Katherine Hay

Executive Director, Kickstand

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