10 Years of Uniting Community Support

What do you do when your child is struggling with mental illness? Where do you go? Who do you talk to? These questions are at the heart of the Foundation’s efforts this year.… Read more

Brain Stimulation in Edmonton: Your Donor Dollars at Work

If you ever wonder what difference you can make to impact the sometimes daunting issue of mental illness, we’d like to assure you that your support is already changing lives here in Edmonton.… Read more

Catherine’s Story

Catherine de Beaudrap has navigated the mental health system for over 15 years. Now a parent and a teacher, she reflects on her past and how new changes to the system represent a gift to future generations.… Read more

Announcing Access 24/7: A New Front Door to Care in Edmonton

We are excited to announce, in partnership with the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, a new groundbreaking service coming soon to Edmonton, with the help of passionate donor support.… Read more

Changing Minds: Our 2017-2018 Annual Report

We’re excited to present Changing Minds, our 2017-2018 Annual Report to the community.… Read more

Speaking Up for Mental Health: Clint Ludtke

Community supporters like Clint are vital to helping the Foundation achieve its mission.… Read more

The Possibility of Being Green

Sharing the language of recovery with families, Skye Barbic breathes new life into how we explain mental illness to ourselves and the world around us.… Read more

Jumping Over the Bush

Inspired by her experience supporting her son through borderline personality disorder, Cindy Gerdes is redefining the family’s role in mental health care.… Read more

Sparking a Change

With the upcoming launch of Alberta’s first publicly available rTMS program, we spoke to Alberta’s brain stimulation pioneer, Dr. Doug Urness, about how brain stimulation literally changes minds, and how it’s changing the lives of the patients he serves.… Read more


After 4 years of constant crisis in their home, Rhonda and her family finally found relief through a new program for caregivers of children with mental illness: Family Connections. Featured in the MHF 2017-2018 Annual Report… Read more