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In partnership with Westview Co-op, the Mental Health Foundation has provided funding to support services, develop new programs, and reach out to more individuals struggling with mental health and addictions issues.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Support

The goal of this program is decreasing barriers to timely treatment by addressing limited transportation options for rural clients.

Funding will provide transportation costs, like gas cards, ensuring clients can access out-of-town services like detox and residential treatment. Funds will also purchase supplies for local programming to enhance client experiences for local addiction and mental health groups.

Community Kitchen

Lynks Harvest Sky Services and Supports proposed a Community Kitchen program. The program had mental health clients and community members build skills as they plan and prepare nutritious meals together. Prepared meals also helped to address food insecurity.

The six-week program increased social connections, food security, built food preparation skills, and supported individual therapy goals.

Family Connection Events

Running from May to October 2024, the project aims to host free family connection events in rural Alberta communities to promote mental health awareness and provide access to local support resources. The project is led by Project REACH and aims to reduce isolation. Planned events include walks, outdoor movie nights, craft nights and community meals. Each event will be tailored to specific communities such as Hanna, Delia, and Morrin.

By bringing people and services together in fun, non-intimidating ways they will increase awareness of local mental health and social support resources in rural areas.

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