Incredible Years: Rob’s Story

Rob is a father of one and has spent the last 8 years getting help for trauma and addiction. Incredible Years was an important support system for him while he quit drinking… Read more

R.S. Fowler Speaks Up for Mental Health

On May 5 Richard S. Fowler participated in a 10 hour bike-a-thon, with an amazing $40,000 goal.… Read more

Touring the TMS Lab with Dr. Frank MacMaster

rTMS is showing promise for individuals with depression. We visited Dr. Frank MacMaster, who specializes in research with rTMS and youth, to discuss how it works.… Read more

Inside ACCESS Open Minds

ACCESS Open Minds offers promising services that will streamline mental health care pathways for youth. Recently the Foundation staff had an opportunity to take a tour inside the Edmonton ACCESS Open Minds site clinic at the Bill Rees YMCA.… Read more

Putting Brain Cells to Work Fighting Depression

Brain stimulation (aka rTMS) uses rapidly changing magnetic fields to make brain cells in a target area get to work. What does this new technology mean for those suffering from depression?… Read more

ACCESS Open Minds Edmonton Site Launch

ACCESS Open Minds, a new clinic for children and young adults with mental health and addictions issues, held its official launch in Edmonton today.… Read more

Fundraiser Spotlight: Scott Campbell’s Tough Mudder Journey

From now until he hits the Tough Mudder course, Scott is dedicating his fitness journey to the Mental Health Foundation. … Read more

Fundraiser Spotlight: UAlberta Varsity Bike-a-thon 2017

In support of the Foundation, members of the Golden Bears and Pandas teams participated in a 24 hour event inside the Saville Community Sports Centre.… Read more

Mental Health Foundation Breakfast 2017

Over 600 guests rose bright and early to attend our annual Mental Health Breakfast on March 1. This year’s event highlighted a gap in current options for people in Edmonton and wider Alberta that battle clinical depression and are resistant to treatment.  … Read more