Jumping Over the Bush

Inspired by her experience supporting her son through borderline personality disorder, Cindy Gerdes is redefining the family’s role in mental health care.… Read more

Sparking a Change

With the upcoming launch of Alberta’s first publicly available rTMS program, we spoke to Alberta’s brain stimulation pioneer, Dr. Doug Urness, about how brain stimulation literally changes minds, and how it’s changing the lives of the patients he serves.… Read more


After 4 years of constant crisis in their home, Rhonda and her family finally found relief through a new program for caregivers of children with mental illness: Family Connections. Featured in the MHF 2017-2018 Annual Report… Read more

Kelly and Stu

Kelly and Stu first got connected to ACCESS Open Minds when they saw an article about its launch last April. Their son, Thomas, had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder 3 months prior… Read more

6 Steps for Helping a Loved One Towards Recovery

If you suspect a friend or loved one is having an addiction problem it can be difficult to approach them about it.… Read more

Spoke Up 2018

The students at R. S. Fowler are working hard to reach their collective goal of $50,000 raised for youth mental health.… Read more

Building a Better Future

Qualico steps up to ensure Edmonton youth have access to mental health supports.… Read more

Spring Cleaning for your Mental Health

Whether you wrestle with mental illness or just need a mental boost, we’ve got a few tips to your Spring started right.… Read more

11 Champions for Mental Health

These 11 individuals demonstrate a commitment to mental health in our community.… Read more