• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Access 24/7?

    Access 24/7 is a single point of access for all adult addiction and mental health services in Edmonton, open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

    How do I contact Access 24/7?

    You can reach Access 24/7 by phone 24 hours a day at 780-424-2424. You can also walk-in anytime. Access 24/7 is located in Anderson Hall at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, 10959 102 St.

    Who answers the phone when I call Access 24/7?

    The call centre at Access 24/7 is staffed entirely by mental health therapists, clinically trained to support individuals with addiction or mental health concerns.

    Does Access 24/7 provide services, or just referrals?

    For so many individuals, finding access to services was reported as a primary barrier to getting help. Accordingly, the primary role of the centre is to ensure people know where to go to access services, and are provided with a smooth pathway that connects them to an appropriate service in the community. Additional services provided include immediate mental health assessments, peer support services, and psychiatrists on site.

    Does Access 24/7 have inpatient beds?

    No, there are none on site. Access 24/7 meets individuals where they are at and connects them to the appropriate provider. If it is determined that an individual requires hospitalization, they will be connected through the appropriate channels.

    What services does Access 24/7 provide?

    Access 24/7 provides telephone support, in-person assessment, crisis outreach, and patient stabilization at any time of day or night.

    Is Access 24/7 intended for adults or children?

    Access 24/7 provides access to adult services, however those who call for services for young people will be redirected to the right contact.

    For similar services for youth, we recommend calling ACCESS Open Minds at (780) 415-0048 , or walking in at 10211-105 Street.

    For children, call the Child, Youth and Families intake line at (780) 342-2701 .

    Is transportation available for individuals who can’t make it to Access 24/7?

    There are not currently any transportation services available. However, Access 24/7 is located centrally and is walking distance from the LRT. For individuals who are homebound or face other barriers, outreach services are available with clinicians who can travel to you. This can be requested by calling Access 24/7 at 780-424-2424.

    Is there a cost to using services at Access 24/7?

    No. Access 24/7 is operated by Alberta Health Services’, Addiction and Mental Health. It is a publicly funded service.

    Can family members, friends, or caregivers make appointments for a loved one who struggles to seek help on their own?

    Attendance at appointments must be voluntary, but family members/friends are welcome to call in to Access 24/7 and provide assistance. Additionally, Access 24/7 has family support workers who are available to provide guidance and support to assist families in helping loved ones access services.