Transforming mental health care for young people in Alberta starts now.

While evidence-based mental health treatments are available, young Albertans are among the most underserved populations in terms of mental health and addictions challenges.

The problem is existing services are not integrated. It’s hard for young people and their families/caregivers to know which door to walk through.

That’s where Kickstand comes in.

Young people and their families will benefit from physical spaces and online experiences offering a wide variety of integrated services including physical and sexual health, mental health and substance use supports and services, and housing, employment, and other social services. Kickstand delivers it all in one location. Virtual and physical.

It all begins with the launch of the Kickstand brand and website — both of which were created alongside Alberta youth. We’re proud to share Kickstand’s new website, a repository of resources for young people:

We’re excited about Kickstand and what it’ll mean for Alberta’s young people, today and into the future. Kickstand is the go-to place for Alberta’s young people to have more good days.

While generous sponsors have supported the launch of Kickstand, your contributions will help complete the build of services essential to future generations of Albertans. Your donations are an investment in our youth and their wellness.


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