Mental Health Foundation Breakfast

Our annual fundraising breakfast, presented by Qualico and Synergy Projects, aims to connect, educate, focus and activate the attention, time and resources of the Edmonton community to the importance of mental health.



Update: The Mental Health Foundation has been postponed as a precautionary health measure. You can read more here.

On March 11, 2020, we continue the momentum towards Integrated Youth Services in Edmonton and across the province

Mental health is an issue that no one person or organization can tackle alone. And when donors like you, sponsors, and nonprofits like ours team up, it makes people listen. It makes government listen.

We’ll work together to raise money and advocate for change so youth have a place to go when they need it most.

Learn more about integrated youth services at


Where: Edmonton Convention Centre, Hall D, 9797 Jasper Ave

When: 7:15am – 8:30am— March 11, 2020

The breakfast is now sold out. Thanks to all our ticket holders, table hosts and sponsors.


Our Panelists

Karen Gosbee is a passionate mental health advocate whose husband George, a successful Calgary business leader, took his life by suicide. Karen shares her story of a personal situation she wishes no one ever has to face.

Dr. Suzanne Squires is a family doctor in Spruce Grove whose skills and compassion has been taxed by the growing demand for mental health and addiction services – particularly with young people. Dr. Squires shares thoughts on community-based services based on her experience with a pilot youth mental health clinic.

Dale McFee, Chief of Edmonton Police Service, feels the focus of his team is evidence that the current system – as well intentioned as it is – simply isn’t working. Early intervention is a step in solving the problem. At the same time, we need to reimagine and reorganize services so they work together as a system.

Pam Liversidge is the Executive Director of the Alberta Integrated Youth Services Initiative.  Pam feels interventions should start with the age group most vulnerable; and before small issues become life-time challenges. Pam will share best practices in a vision of integrated services ready to launch in Alberta.


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