Cornerstone Co-op


Coop Central Alberta

In partnership with Cornerstone Co-op, the Mental Health Foundation has provided funding to support services, develop new programs, and reach out to more individuals struggling with mental health and addictions issues.

Mental Health Supports for Children, Youth, Adults & Seniors

The project aims to support children, youth, adults, and seniors through different initiatives such as addressing food insecurity, providing coping toolkits, offering recreation passes, implementing a postpartum program for moms, and supporting seniors experiencing social isolation.

Partnerships have been formed with various organizations such as Vermilion Wellness Coalition and FCSS.

Enhancing Protective Factors in Wainwright and Area

Funding will provide resources such as food insecurity support, personal hygiene services, and one-on-one support to.promote protective factors such as abstinence from alcohol and other drugs, help-seeking behavior, social connectedness, and goal setting. Stress-relieving tools and wellness bags will also be provided to therapists working with vulnerable clients.

Partners include: IMPACT Wellness Coalition, AHS Community Addiction and Mental Health, Wainwright and District Family & Community Support Services, Catholic Social Services, Sage Wellness, Wainwright on Wellness.

St. Paul Mental Health & Addictions Enhancements

The program will Indigenous cultural inclusivity, coping tools and workshops for young Albertans, mindfulness resources, and client furniture. Activities include improving cultural inclusivity, providing coping tools and resources, and hosting community events.

Funding will support items like Indigenous artwork, books, workshops, therapy equipment and refreshments for events. Improvements are intended for both outpatient and inpatient services. Intended outcomes will improve services for Indigenous clients, create a more welcoming environment, and increase care, comfort and community awareness.

The project aims to enhance current programming and increase awareness of addiction and mental health supports in the local community.

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