Our Role

At the Mental Health Foundation, we have a better future in mind.

A better future in mind means we see a world of more possibilities and support for our friends and families, 1 in 5 of whom will have a mental health problem or illness this year.

We see a better future for our coworkers and our leaders, for our heroes and our protectors, for our teachers and healthcare providers, and all of the people who make sure our cities and communities continue to thrive—because it is estimated that 35 million work days are lost each year due to mental health problems and illnesses and 20% of all sick leaves are due to mental health problems and illnesses.

Because right now, people are not getting the treatment or support they need, and those affected don’t know how to talk about it without worrying about the stigma of weakness, instability, and even potential violence that is associated with this mental illness and addiction. Because, right now, 40% of parents say they would not admit to anyone – not even their doctor – that they had a child with a mental illness.

Because right now, there are people too sick to talk, who don’t know where to turn, and even when they do ask for help, they are not getting what they need.

Because right now, people are turning to substances because they feel like it is the only way to turn. Because right now, people, especially our protectors and our children, are choosing to end their life because that feels better than living.

We work towards a better future in mind because we know that a community, a global population of humans who are mentally and emotionally resilient and who can support themselves and those around them dealing with mental illness or addiction with effective and empowering tools—is a better future.

The Mental Health Foundation is dedicated to building better mental health services for people in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.  We do this through raising and distributing funds to support ground-breaking education and programs, cutting-edge research, next generation technologies, and facility enhancements within the addiction and mental health care system.

It is our mission to help to break down this stigma against mental illness and addiction and to support efforts moving us decisively towards a better future…in mind.