Become a Monthly Giver

Igniting large-scale change takes planning and a sustainable source of funds. The Foundation’s monthly giving program allows us to think bigger.

Giving monthly also allows your gift to work harder. It’s the most effective way to provide steady, on-going funds to help support mental health and mental healthcare. You can donate as much as you are able and alter, change or cancel your donation at any time.

Mental illness has greatly impacted my life in so many ways, and I believe I am here on Earth to fulfill my destiny in helping and supporting others, through my own experiences.

Mental health matters tremendously. Organizations like this help people to cope, heal, and succeed in living everyday normal lives. I believe that financial support is necessary for the Foundation for much needed programs, to take away the "stigma" of illnesses like depression, and to reveal what they truly are and how they impact a person's life.

I'm happy to support the Mental Health Foundation and have a vision of a healthier society.
Jackie Paquette, Monthly Donor

If you would like become a monthly giving partner with the Foundation, you can either sign up by checking the “Make this a monthly gift” box in the secure form below, or contact the Foundation’s Coordinator.