The Mental Health Foundation Breakfast

We believe that by improving access to integrated mental health supports in the community, we are creating a system where we deal with problems while they are still small and manageable, rather than waiting for crisis.

We know that 70% of mental health conditions emerge in childhood or adolescence and that the earlier they are treated, the higher the chance of a positive outcome.

Yet, access to appropriate care remains a challenge; most services are for adults, and mental health care options for children and youth are too limited.

We must and can do better.

We need timely, effective service that meets people where they are at. This need is even more pressing for young people, because a small gesture can impact the life of a child and their family for years to come.

More than 800 community members will join us on March 14 to hear Dr. Peter Silverstone and peer support worker Nakita Dool speak on the current realities of the mental health care system for youth, and imagine a way forward for change.

The goal? $400,000 to help transform care for youth in Edmonton. Tickets and tables are sold out.

In lieu of attendance, please donate today to help us improve access to support for youth.

Together, we’ll pave the way to a better future in mind.