World Mental Health Day 2017

October 10 is World Mental Health Day 2017, and leading up to this day—observed yearly by the World Health Organization—we are asking our community to share your better future in mind with us.

The Mental Health Foundation has a better future in mind. And we know that you do, too. A better future for your family, for your loved ones, for your community. A future where we have the support we need, where we have the resources to be happy.

A better future in mind means we see a world of more possibilities and support for our friends and families, 1 in 5 of whom will have a mental health problem/illness this year.

What does better mental health mean to you? How would it impact you or the ones you love if your community had easy access to mental health supports? Little or big, we want to hear your vision of a future where mental health is a priority.

Let us know!

Think of a small, individual change or a big, transformational vision.

Fill out a pledge card, or share a photo or video along with your thoughts at our campaign website or on social media with the hashtag #betterfutureinmind.

Ask your friends what their better future in mind is and invite them to share!

Download pledge cards here.

It can be simple—like feeling comfortable to open up to someone else about your mental health.

It can be personal—like knowing that your sibling or child has the resources they need to succeed.

It can be lofty—like psychotherapy being fully funded for every Canadian.