Waterloo Ford is Matching Your Donations This Giving Tuesday

Donate to help Albertans with mental illness access the little things that make all the difference, and your donation will be doubled dollar for dollar.


Giving Tuesday is the world’s largest generosity movement, and your gifts just got bigger thanks to our Giving Tuesday sponsor, Waterloo Ford.

Community is a powerful force for change. This year we are asking our community to help us reduce barriers for Albertans experiencing mental illness through the Little Things Fund.

You can be the one to show an Albertan with mental illness that progress is possible.

When you donate in support of the Little Things Fund on November 30th, your donation is automatically doubled. Waterloo Ford is matching all gifts in support of Giving Tuesday, up to $15,000.

Little things sometimes have the most profound impact.

For individuals participating in addiction and mental health programs, the cost of items that improve quality of life can sometimes be the biggest barrier.

Things many of us take for granted, like being able to afford a bicycle or other reliable transportation, can interfere with someone’s ability to attend therapy appointments. It is a privilege to be able to easily switch to virtual in response to Covid-19; technological devices, internet access, and a stable home are not accessible to everyone.

That’s why we created the Little Things Fund.

Little things add up. 

$5 covers the cost of a round trip on the bus

$40 covers the cost of groceries for the week.

$100 helps someone afford the application fee to go back to school.

Your gift will immediately go to work in the community providing access to additional support for Albertans managing their mental health.

Act now, and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar. Thanks to Waterloo Ford, when you donate $10, it will be doubled to $20. Your gift of $50 will turn into a gift of $100.

This Giving Tuesday, make a big difference by helping provide the little things. Donate today.