Kickstand Receives Boost Through Teddy for a Toonie Campaign

ATB Financial raised $185,242.32 for youth mental health in the last year of the Teddy for a Toonie campaign.

The Mental Health Foundation partnered with ATB Financial to host the last year of Teddy for a Toonie, which raised $185,242.32

Funds from the Teddy for a Toonie Campaign will help youth access mental health and social service programs offered through integrated youth service Kickstand and their forthcoming virtual service platform Kickstand Connect.

A man in a suit and a woman in business casual hold a large novelty cheque for $185,000 made out to the Mental Health Foundation from ATB Financial. They are standing in a bank branch with orange and blue banners behind them.
ATB CEO Curtis Stange presents MHF CEO Deborah J. McKinnon with a cheque.


We are so grateful to see an institution like ATB Financial recognize the importance of mental health, and give back to Albertans by investing in young people through Kickstand,” says Deborah J. McKinnon, President & CEO, Mental Health Foundation. “Their support means more young people can access mental health support sooner, with tremendous impact to their well- being into adulthood.” 

When it comes to mental illness, targeting youths is critical as most people experience the onset of symptoms before the age of 18. Right now, only 1 in 4 young people with a mental health concern get the help they need–simply because of barriers to access.

As a virtual platform with live access to mental health clinicians, Kickstand Connect will improve access to services and provide accessibility for young people, even in remote, rural, isolated, marginalized, or unsafe communities.

Research shows that when young people access integrated youth services such as those that will be delivered through Kickstand Connect, 80% self-report lower levels of distress, with clinicians reporting a 73% increase in school, work, and social functioning. 

Kickstand Connect is anticipated to launch next year. It is estimated that Kickstand will provide approximately 3,000 appointments a year through the platform once operational. 

“As an organization that serves more than 800,000 consumer and business clients across 245 communities in Alberta, we have an opportunity to be role models. We need to help break down the barriers and reduce the stigma around mental illness,” says Curtis Stange, President & CEO, ATB Financial. “As part of our Greater Good strategy, ATB team members proudly partnered with the Mental Health Foundation and Kickstand and will continue working towards improving access to mental health supports for Alberta’s youth.”

Since 2000, ATB Financial has raised $10.7 million to help kids and youths through the Teddy for a Toonie campaign. Partnering with the Mental Health Foundation for its final year is part of ATB’s Greater Good strategy to improve access to mental health care.

You can learn more about the campaign and its impact here.