Giving Thanks Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day that has been claimed by the charitable sector and that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a day when everyone is encouraged to take a break from shopping and to think about the good that giving can do.

We’re joining in on the fun this year, but not by asking for money. Instead, we’re giving thanks to all of our supporters who make the work we do possible.

When we sit down as an organization to talk about the impact we hope our work can achieve, we think about how each of our actions will contribute momentum to mental health care, how each decision we make will be a spark that ignites a larger fire.

This goal is within our reach when leaders in the community share our vision and empower us to act on it. And it’s even closer when local community members decide to take up the cause and put their best efforts behind creating a system we can all be proud of.

It is my first year at the Foundation—and in the nonprofit world—and it is a rewarding exercise to look back at the achievements I’ve already witnessed in my short time here. To name a few:

  • Just this April ACCESS Open Minds launched, signalling in a huge way that the way we deliver care is being re-imagined;
  • The students and teachers at one junior high school in St Albert raised $50,000 to go towards mental health care for youth, a sign of commitment from the next generation;
  • As a result of our annual breakfast the province is making moves to equip a local mental health clinic with new brain stimulation devices, a decisive transition towards innovative care that approaches mental illness as though it were any illness—objectively and in response to empirical data;
  • AND Edmonton saw its first year of an inspiring event, Crescendo, that supports and celebrates mental health


And it’s all because of individuals like you.

This year, thanks to you, we’re already on track to raise 60% more dollars in donations, not to mention the many hours of time that have been donated on our behalf.

Your support has allowed us to allocate $784,179 already this year and we haven’t even finished our third quarter.

100,000 individuals in Edmonton access Addiction and Mental Health services; many of these individuals are now receiving enhanced care as a result of your generous contributions.

From the whole team at the Mental Health Foundation, thank you. 

Together, we’ve already accomplished so much; we hope you’ll continue with us on this journey. We certainly wouldn’t get far without you.