Fundraiser Spotlight: Taylor McDonald

Taylor McDonald did double duty this year as second for curling Team Kelsey Rocque. She not only helped her team win gold in the 2017 Winter Universiade this past February, she also raised $4,830 for the Mental Health Foundation through her feature in 2017’s Women of Curling calendar.

Taylor bravely bared (almost) all in the 2017 edition of the calendar, with proceeds from each of the 12 featured athletes going to charities of their choice. She personally sold 250 calendars as part of the fundraising campaign.

Taylor says that mental health is a cause that is dear to her heart because, like most people, she has friends and family members who have struggled with maintaining it. Her first introduction to the Foundation was through her participation in a bike-a-thon hosted by fellow University of Alberta athlete Tim Hickson last year, an event he again held on the Foundation’s behalf earlier this year.

With mental health a growing concern at universities in particular, it is encouraging to have young people like Taylor advocating for better supports. Thanks for all your hard work, Taylor!


Without the work of individuals like Taylor, the Foundation would not be able to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from mental illness in Edmonton. If you would like learn more about fundraising on our behalf, contact us at or visit our community fundraiser page for info.