Building a Better Future

Qualico steps up to ensure Edmonton youth have access to mental health supports.

The founding couple of Qualico, Mrs. Katherine Friesen (a teacher) and her husband, Dr. David Friesen (a lawyer), set out to provide shelter for families coming back from WWII by creating affordable homes where people could put down roots and pursue their dreams.

In many ways, Qualico’s vision is the same as the Mental Health Foundation’s. We want to create a community with a solid foundation of mental health from which individuals can live a happy and fulfilling life.

Qualico is committed to ensuring healthy lifestyles and promoting well-being to people of all ages, which is a lot like what we’re aiming for with our mental health care system. While we use terms like “building capacity” and “fostering resilience”, we’re both dedicated to creating a positive impact for the people in our communities.

That’s why we’re glad to have Qualico beside us as we build a better future.

It began last year in support of our brain stimulation campaign. Our goal was to raise $400,000 for a new technology to help treat individuals with major depression and Qualico stepped up by commiting over $15,000.

This year, Qualico renewed their corporate commitment by becoming a Gold Sponsor of our 2018 Breakfast while Qualico Commercial’s Vice President of Development, Mike Saunders, officially joined the Foundation’s board.

I was honored to contribute to the work the Foundation is doing,” said Saunders. “Mental health affects so many of us in ways that are often easy to ignore. But by promoting and providing access to mental health supports for children and youth we’re taking important steps that will have a lasting effect for our city.

Through this year’s fundraising efforts, the Foundation hopes to provide youth with an integrated framework of mental health care with support available when and where it’s needed. We know the support we’re already providing to young people is working; we just need to do more of it.

That’s how Qualico’s partnership with the Foundation will make an impact: helping our young people who need it most.