Brain Stimulation in Edmonton:

Your Donor Dollars at Work

Many of you joined us for our annual Mental Health Foundation Breakfast in 2017. At that time, we introduced the possibility and promise of a new technology—Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. You helped us raised $275,000 dollars to bring this technology to Edmonton, and with the help of ECECAF, we reached our full fundraising goal of $400,000 early last year.

We are proud to announce that two rTMS devices are now in place and providing, for some, life-changing support at Alberta Hospital Edmonton.

An additional three devices are in the last stages of commissioning at a community mental health clinic downtown. They are expected to be up and running in the coming months.

If you ever wonder what difference you can make to impact the sometimes daunting issue of mental illness, we’d like to assure you that your support is already changing lives here in Edmonton.

As evidence, please take a look at the video below. It features the first person to receive rTMS treatments from the equipment you provided.

Remember how much your support means to Sharon next time you wonder if your actions make a difference.