ACCESS Open Minds Edmonton

A walk-in service for young people 16-25 years old.

Young people and their families are able to walk-in during open clinic hours and will be seen on a first come first serve basis.  They will meet a clinician and experience a solution-focused counseling session and will be screened to determine if more intensive services may be required.

Young people will be offered the option of returning to walk-in as needed or engaging in individual and group services offered through the young adult service portfolio such as addiction counselling, short term psychotherapy, social work consultation, assistance with employment or education, or referral to psychiatry.  They may also be referred for alternate service options that may meet their presenting needs.  Family needs will also be considered with potential to access services with the young adult services Family Engagement Team.

Tuesday & Friday 12-5pm
(Open January 4, 2021)
6th Floor, 9942 108 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 2J5
108th Street Building
(with Good Earth located on the main floor)

NEW!! Virtual Walk-in Option

Young Adults are able to call or email and request a virtual walk-in appointment:

  1. Phone the clinic phone number during business hours – (780)415-0048
  2. Speak to a receptionist and provide name, birthday, email or contact phone # and some basic information
  3. Receptionist will book young person into a walk-in spot
  4. Receive a zoom link or phone call to connect during booked time for their virtual walk-in appointment.

About ACCESS Open Minds

The ACCESS Open Minds network is a pan-Canadian initiative to show how youth mental health services can be transformed, improving access to appropriate mental health & addiction services for youth aged 11-25 years. It is a joint venture of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Graham Boeckh Foundation. Each partner is contributing $12.5 million over the five year life of the project.

The initiative leverages the existing strengths of communities and systems, and is structured to be adaptable to the diverse geographic, cultural, and socio-demographic contexts in which Canadian youth live, as well as the diversity of Canadian youth and their presentation of mental health needs.

ACCESS OM clinicians serve as a health bridge, connecting institutions where youth initially present their need for care, service providers, and other actors. ACCESS clinicians will provide ongoing support and guidance from start to finish, ensuring follow-through on the road to appropriate care. At all times, the youth is the ultimate judge of whether their needs are being met and the services provided are appropriate.

The five main objectives of ACCESS OM are:

  • Early identification (aims at 20% decrease in number of youth with unmet mental health needs)
  • Rapid access (within 72 hours of help being sought)
  • Continuity of Care (no arbitrary service cut off at age 18)
  • Youth & Family/Caregiver Participation (collaborative planning of pathways of care)
  • Appropriate Care (referral to the right services is within a maximum of 30 days)

Why this Project is Important:

Adolescence and young adulthood is a time of significant transition and development. It is during this life stage that over 75% of mental health disorders first appear. Currently, there are many mental health services available for youth and young adults. But less than 25% of Canadian youth in need of mental health & addiction services, receive the care they require in a timely manner. Thus the need for improved access to mental health services, particularly for youth, is urgent.

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