Mission, Values & Vision


The Mental Health Foundation is dedicated to raising funds and providing financial support for the enhancement of mental health care within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.


To be a catalyst that inspires and promotes positive change in the area of addiction and mental health.


We value collaboration and will actively seek partnerships within and across health, addiction and mental health arenas to strengthen our mutual impact.

Accountability is a value demonstrated through careful stewardship, accounting and monitoring practices.

Excellence is a value that comes to life with a focus on innovation, and evidence-informed emerging trends and practice.

We value the strength and skills of people and their capacity to recover and take charge of their lives.

We demonstrate respect for all, including patients, families, caregivers, staff and stakeholders and encourage full participation of all those whose lives will benefit by our work.

Empathy and Compassion are fundamental values and are reflected in our relationships with others.

Integrity is a value which underlies the work of the Foundation and its Board and staff.