Mental health is central to all health.

As the only mental health foundation in Alberta, we are tasked with working to support, enhance, and transform mental health and mental health care through philanthropy.

The Mental Health Foundation was founded in 1998 and since its inception, the Foundation has been working to be a catalyst that affects positive change in the area of addiction and mental health. The Foundation is continually looking to find ways to improve areas of the mental health landscape.

Mental illness afflicts some 6.7 million Canadians — roughly 20 per cent of the population — and costs the economy an estimated $51 billion each year. Still, it only gets 7% of health funding. We know that timely access to mental health care can make the difference between rapid recovery and return to daily living, or lifelong chronic illness. With your support, we will pave the way to a better future in mind.

Learn more about the work we do in this short video.