Mental health is central to all health.

As the only mental health foundation in Alberta, we are tasked with working to support, enhance, and transform mental health and mental health care through philanthropy.

The Mental Health Foundation was founded in 1998 and since its inception, the Foundation has been working to be a catalyst that affects positive change in the area of addiction and mental health.

Transforming Care through a Systems Approach

The Mental Health Foundation is a charity situated at the intersection of community and the health care system, which makes us uniquely positioned to take a big picture view of the mental health landscape and determine how to use donor funds to meet the needs of individuals mental health and well-being throughout Alberta. 

We are at a critical juncture for mental health. Government and corporate interest—and media representation—are at a high, while perception of mental illness is changing for the better. New attention being paid to mental health has galvanized community support and allowed the Foundation to dream bigger. We are prepared to begin the next leg of our journey with a new strategic vision.

Working alongside community and healthcare partners, we identify where change is needed and then raise funds and mobilize resources in an effort to improve outcomes within Alberta’s addiction and mental health care system.  We want Albertans to be able to count on an addiction and mental health care system that is accessible, easy-to-navigate, and fully integrated.

As public discussion of mental health increases, it is our responsibility to ensure that a strong foundation is built, with the capacity to meet the demand this conversation initiates— whether in our emergency departments, in the offices of family doctors, or within schools and postsecondary institutions.

We Have a Better Future in Mind.

Areas of Focus

Prevention & Early Intervention for Children and Youth

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Innovation and Technology in Mental Health

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Patient Support and Family Engagement

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