Annual Report 2018

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Collectively imagining a new future for the mental health of our community.

When we look forward, we envision a community where mental health is as much a priority as physical health. To get there, we have to begin by changing how we think about mental health care.

Tomorrow’s mental health care system is barrier-free, integrated, and easy to navigate, and thanks to your support, our community is beginning to see what’s possible.

Throughout local communities, in schools, in the corporate offices of our sponsors, the way mental health is perceived and spoken about has already changed. We’re not afraid to talk about it anymore, and we’re demanding more.

The programs we celebrate in this year’s annual report are strong examples of what happens when we expand our expectations for care.

We couldn’t have done it without your support. Together, we’re changing minds.

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Thinking Bigger

Community support prompts service providers to dream and innovate.

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Heads Together

Collaboration allows us to work smarter together, revealing new solutions to old problems

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Embracing Recovery

More inclusive care gives families hope for managing mental illness.

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Mental Health Foundation 2017-2018


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$791,368 Given to Mental Health Programs

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Financial Snapshot 2017 - 18


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Revenue 2018 2017
Donations and Fundraising $989,442 $576,669
Investment Income $74,843 $103,244
Unealized gain (loss) on marketable secturities ($35,266) $23,282
Gain on disposal of investments $35,682 $34,159
Total $1,064,701 $737,334
Expenses 2018 2017
Adminstrative $245,105 $167,353
Fundraising $166,123 $115,334
Total $411,228 $282,687
Revenue over Expenses before Disbursements $653,473 $454,647
Disbursements to mental health programs & services $791,368 $432,655
Revenue over Expenses ($137,895) $21,992

*This is an abbreviated statement. Completed audited financial statements are available here:

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Daniel Li, Psychiatrist at Alberta Hospital Edmonton
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Gandhi said that society is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable. But though those with mental illness are no different from anyone else, there’s a huge stigma associated with it. The possibility for recovery is very meaningful and it not only changes that persons life, but also helps the family, the social networks, and the communities that they’re connected with. That type of recovery is possible and is worth everything to fight for.”

Daniel Li, Psychiatrist at Alberta Hospital Edmonton