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Addiction & Mental Health: A Snapshot

Your support helps us build better mental health care with our strongest partner: the Addiction and Mental Health system.

From the community to the hospital, Addiction and Mental Health, Edmonton offers a place to go when individuals need support for their mental health.

Currently employs 17 Peer Support Workers, the largest number in Alberta

Addiction & Mental Health, Edmonton

Has the lowest inpatient readmission rates in Canada for addiction and mental health reasons
National average: 11.2% Edmonton: 4.7%

Provides more than 1000 in-person educational sessions per year to the community on mental health and addiction topics through the Addiction Prevention & Mental Health Promotion Team

Collaborates with approximately 50 community partners to deliver services in the community

In response to the opioid crisis, almost 93% increase in number of new patients enrolled for treatment for opioid dependency

Is supported by 2600 staff members

At any time, about 65 active research or evaluation projects are taking place within Addictions and Mental Health. The primary focus is making sure what we’re doing works.

Is the only AMH system in Alberta that has a shared Electronic Medical Record across its services in the community. This means better communication flow between programs, and clients don’t have to repeat their stories every time they switch services.

ACCESS Open Minds launched in April 2017, giving youth a welcoming, age-appropriate space to engage with mental health supports.


3 Safe Consumption sites opened in the city, with one more set to be opened later in 2018.

With the opening of the new Rutherford Mental Health Clinic for children in June 2017, the capacity of specialized clinic-based mental health support in Edmonton tripled.

Research & Evaluation A strong partnership with academic staff at the University of Alberta allows AMH to know when they’re on the right track.

Home to

the majority of beds for forensics patients in the province

the only inpatient program for Eating Disorders in the province

The Edmonton Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic won the 2018 President’s Excellence Award at AHS for Patient and Family-Centred Care. The team has seen a decrease in hospitalizations, police involvement, medication use, direct and indirect healthcare costs, and relapse rates.

2017 - 2018

Served 55,720 individuals accessing mental health care in the community

398,189 Addiction and Mental Health appointments completed in the community

Young Adults


young adults accessed Recovery and Housing supports


young adults and their families were served through Young Adult Services

Children, Youth and Families


individuals accessed specialized services


accessed school-based services


accessed Youth Addiction and Forensics Mental Health Services


accessed mental health services in the community


4148 Inpatient Stays in 2017-18

Patients receive acute treatment at 7 sites in Edmonton