Innovation and Technology in Mental Health

What is a mental health innovation?

The Mental Health Foundation considers a mental health innovation to be a new or different, successful and cost effective way of delivering better mental health care.
Innovative approaches are expected to lead to new understandings, directions or breakthroughs that increase the efficiency and efficacy of treatment and help to improve the quality of life of those living with addiction and/or mental health issues.

What role does technology play in mental health?

Technology has the potential to transform mental healthcare by connecting patients, services and health data in new ways. In mental healthcare, assessment and diagnosis is still mainly based on subjective clinical judgments’ about symptoms and behavior. Technological innovations have the potential to bring more objectivity and reliability to these processes of assessment, diagnosis and monitoring. Recent developments in online psychological therapy, neurostimulation, and mobile applications can greatly improve access to mental healthcare and treatment adherence by enabling services to be delivered more flexibly and tailored to individual client needs.